I disclaim any responsibility for any data loss due to the use of these bootdisks. You're using these on your own responsibility! They have been tested to work, but especially the Automated install is quite destructive. Be careful with them. Make backups. All complaints about these disks destroying data will be ignored.

Now, with that small reminder out of the way, onto something real. :-)

Ok, You've tried Amithlon from the CD and it looks very nice, so now you want to boot to it straight from your HD.. You checked out Bernie's instructions at the unofficial site, but all that talk about Linux scared you and you don't have Win9x installed.

Well, here is a boot disk that'll let you do what you need in FreeDOS.
And now for the instructions:

If you only have one hard drive in your PC and you'd like to dedicate it entirely to Amithlon, then choose Automatic from the menu and follow the prompts. The script will wipe your disk, create two partitions (boot and Amithlon), ask you to reboot, format the boot partition and copy everything needed to it. Please note that the Amithlon partition shows up as a virtual hard drive in Amithlon, so you can make as many RDB partitions inside it as you like. Just like it were a real hard drive.
If you make several Amithlon partitions, you'll get several virtual hard drives inside Amithlon.

The following is for the Manual option, Automatic doesn't require you to do any of the steps listed below - it's automatic! (just in case someone is misled by my messy sentence structures.. ;-)

If you would like to do something a little more specific, choose Manual and you'll get a DOS prompt.

Once you have that evil prompt sitting there, the first thing to do is to partition your drive using fdisk.
Create the boot partition and Amithlon partition(s)
1. Say yes to the large disk prompt
2. Delete any partitions you need to delete using 3. Delete partition or logical..
3. In the main menu, select 1. Create DOS partition or logical..
4. Select 1. Create Primary..
5. Say N to the question asking whether you want it to be full size
6. Enter the size of the partition (10M is more than sufficient for boot)
7. Repeat 4-6 for the process for the Amithlon partitions.
You can only have 4 primary partitions, so if you need more, create an extended 
partition first and then create the partitions as logical drives in the extended partition.
Change the Amithlon partition(s) to type 118
1. In the main menu, select 4. Display/Modify partition information..
2. Select the partition you want to modify
3. Select 1. Change partition type
4. Enter 118 ($76 in decimal)
5. The partition type should now change to Amithlon vhd
6. Repeat 2-4 for any other Amithlon partition(s)
Reboot with the floppy still in the drive.
Format the boot partition (format /q /u c:),
say sys c: to copy the system files over
and copy the following files from the cd-rom to your C: drive:
After this, you should select what you want to boot - the big or the small image. Say either:
echo @loadlin @amithlon > c:\autoexec.bat
echo @loadlin @small > c:\autoexec.bat
(the @-character before amithlon or small is important, the @-character before loadlin just keeps it from being echoed to the screen when autoexec.bat is executed)

You can also say @debug or @debug2 as the parameter for loadlin if you want those nice scrolling messages. On the floppy is a text editor called te if you need to edit something. Later on, you can edit the autoexec.bat under Amithlon if you install the right patch and make the C:-drive automounting.

For info on installing it beside Windows NT/2k/XP, check out The FreeDOS FAQ
Also remember to check Bernie's instructions for other ways to install it to HD.

That's all I can think of for now, good luck with it!
Any comments or questions can be directed to me via email: vjouppi@sci.fi, I'll try and answer them if time permits.

Also, if you have a scsi-card that isn't supported, you can always email the driver to me so I can add it to the bootdisk.