Jumper Settings

Settings          Description                                                      

DSO to DS3        Drive select 0 to 3.*                                                
FG ML             Connect electrical ground to chassis.                                
                  Activate motor on in 2 selections.                                   
                  OFF = Motor-on signal.                                               
                  ON  = Motor on + LED on (drive selected).                            
IR                LED on.                                                              
                  OFF = LED on when drive selected.                                    
                  ON = LED on when drive selected and ready.                           
ACD               Inhibit the autochecking at disk installation.                       
                  OFF = Autochecking operation executed.                               
                  ON = Autochecking inhibited.                                         
REN               Execute the autorecalibration at power on.                           
                  OFF = Autorecalibration inhibited.                                   
                  ON = Autorecalibration executed at power on.                         
HMK,NMK           Jumpered to select an output condition of the index and RW data      
DC,RY             Select output signals for terminals 2, 4, and 34.                

* Only 1 on at a time
720-KB Model

HA                1-MB mode fixed*                                                 

* HA must be jumpered for the 720-KB model.
1.44-MB and 720-KB Combination Density

HA, HI2, HO2, LH1, LH0 Select density mode by either pin 2 or sensor.