No. You'll need to get a good mechanic lined up and have the car meticulously maintained. If you're an interested owner/mechanic, you'll be SO much better off. I recommend you stay with basic Saab fluid recommendations and change them regularly.  Bar's Leaks has also been reported to be a beneficial cooling system additive and since cooling system leaks are so prevalent on these cars (heater cores, water pumps and head gaskets), I certainly recommend using it (liquid, in the silver bottle).  Bar's Leaks Web Site  I'd also recommend that you use synthetic oil and change it reasonably often; change the oil filter regularly and often. Many other people recommend specialty fluids, and they probably know more than I do; I just like to stick with what I know works. The same is true of spark plugs (the turbo cars are very sensitive to incorrect or incorrectly gapped plugs). The stock Saab-specified NGK plugs work fine for me, and I recommend you stay with them. 

If possible, find out the history of the motor mounts, A.C., heater core, blower motor and head gasket. Has the A.C. been checked with any regularity? Hydraulic fluid changed every 2 years? Coolant every 2 or 3 years? Oil and filter changed often and regularly? Synthetic oil used in the engine? All these are good signs. Actually, if you can find one that has been maintained that well, you're looking at a car that's been extraordinarily well cared for.  

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