Side view.  On the left is the end that goes to the transmission; on the right is the end that couples to the shifter rod coming from the passenger compartment.  The hole in the left end is for the taper pin.  The clamp joint is on the right end.  NOTE: The very small gap at the top can be a problem; if the two metal surfaces contact each other, a nasty rattle results.  Saab details a mod to remove some of the metal (about 1 mm) from the outer piece where the exit rod might contact it.  My coupler had this rattle until I replaced a bad motor mount; that cured the rattle.  If you install a new coupler, you might consider removing some metal at that one point to give a bit more clearance.

Bottom view.  Here you can see how the rubber jacket isolates the two shafts from each other to isolate  vibrations.