The false bulkhead is the apparent back of the engine compartment.  In fact, though, the panel that runs the width of the engine compartment can be removed after removing just two screws (and a couple of other things).  Remove the aquarium cover (eight 8mm screws) and the two nuts that secure the hose clamps that hold the wiring harness duct to the false bulkhead.


There's a 10mm bolt on the passenger side, between the air conditioning hoses and the torque arm.  For pre-93 cars,  there's a T25 Torx screw on the driver's side behind the ABS relay box, and the whole false bulkhead comes out.  For 93 and later cars, there's a screw at the top, about a third of the way in from the right side as you look from the front - just about in front of the driver's seat.  Remove it and the left two-thirds of the false bulkhead can be removed, which is all you need.

After these have been removed, you can pull the false bulkhead up and out.  If it hasn't been removed in a while, it will take a pretty good tug to get it moving.  Picture