How to repair/replace the headlight wiper motor.
Here I will show you how I did the repair. I found much information about the headlight wipers repair on the SAAB 9000 site.

Also, I did the repair twice. The first time, I just sprayed "Liquid wrech with teflon" in the motor (I didn't have contact cleaner as Lauriem (on TSN) suggested in a post). It worked but I was still having problem with smoke and sparks coming from it (a lot less).
So I felt that the repair wasn't complete and opened the electric motor. These extra steps will have the word "Picture" in red. If you feel you can do the extra steps (tools and time) then do them.


Picture #1: Did you notice any SAAB with ill-parked wiper? Mine was hardly moving. Picture #2: First, check that 7.5 amp fuse (in the engine compartment).
Picture #3: Here a schematic of the headlight wiper assembly. Picture #4: Take a small screwdriver and pry open the wiper arm cap.
Picture #5: Here what's behind the cap. Picture #6: Unscrew the bolt with a 8mm box.
Picture #7: Unplug the washing fluid hose from the wiper arm. Picture #8: This is the wiper shaft and hose.