Picture #9: Then remove the grill. Here a closeup of one clip. Picture #10: Then unscrew the headlight assembly. you can use the torx screwdriver that come with the car. The screw at the extreme right (on the photo) is holding the signal side lamp assembly, unscrew and just slide out the assembly, it will reveal the headlight assembly side screw.
Picture #11: Here the side screw. Then remove the headlight assembly. There's no need to disconnect the headlight, I just put it on top close to the battery. Picture #12: Here the two 10mm bolts you have to remove.
Picture #13: Here the connector. You have to get a screwdriver in there and pullout the connector lock all the way. Picture #14: The connector will almost fall by itself. If not, then the lock is not pulled far enough.
Picture #15: Then remove the motor assembly. Picture #16: Taking a medium screwdriver, pry open the back of the motor assembly. I find it easier to start by the smaller side and by using two screwdrivers.