Notes: This is my maintenance schedule; in several cases it is more aggressive than Saab's recommendations.   I have simplified it and tailored everything to 5000 mile intervals for simplicity.  This schedule assumes the use of synthetic oil and premium oil filters, and that fits nicely into the 5000/10000 mile schedule.  I wouldn't run natural oil on this schedule.  But then, I wouldn't run natural oil at all.  If you run synthetic, you decide whether to change it every 5000 miles or every 10000 miles.  I seem to vacillate between the two ... I think 10000 is fine with synthetic oil, but I feel better if I change it every 5000.  Changing synthetic more often than every 5000 miles is waste of time, money, effort, and good oil, in my opinion.  I drive about 15000 miles a year, so 15000 miles roughly corresponds to my yearly inspection and maintenance target.  I usually try to hit that in the fall, as winter generally brings out the worst in machinery.

Remember the keys to success: 

Consider the cost of the maintenance items outlined here versus letting it ride.

There's no comparison.  

You make the call.  

Here's a guideline for reasonable maintenance.





Every 5000 Miles


 Every 10000 Miles


Every 15000 Miles (yearly), add 



Every 60000 Miles, add

Every 90000 Miles, add