Maintenance schedule (mine, not necessarily Saab's)

5-speed - disassembly/reassembly/getting around the special tools

5-speed shifter coupler replacement

5-speed synchronizer reassembly

5-speed removal and replacement
5-speed transmission oil
Automatic-to-5 speed conversion - some notes
A.C. compressor sources (rebuilt)
A.C. condenser fan (removal & replacement)
AC evaporator housing drains
Alternator brush/regulator replacement

Auto transmission fluid change
Balance Chain/Sprocket Replacement 
THANKS to Robert Kaplan
Blower motor controller
Blower motor replacement

BPC/APC valve (turbo boost regulator)

Brake pad replacement (front)

Clutch - BLEEDING - yes, it can be easy

Clutch hydraulic line replacement

Clutch master cylinder replacement

Clutch replacement

Cooling system backflush tee installation
Crank pulley/harmonic balancer: checking
CV boot replacement
False bulkhead removal
Fender liner removal
Heater core replacement
Idler pulley replacement
Manual transmission oil
Motor mounts
Power steering fluid (renewing/purging air)
Radiator removal & replacement
Radio antenna repair
SAS performance sway bar installation

SRS coiled circuit replacement (to keep SRS light from tripping)
Serpentine belt replacement
TCS on/off switch

Thermostat replacement

Turbocharger replacement
Wastegate adjustment (turbo)

Townsend Imports site (excellent technical/repair info)