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Welcome to the X-Copy shrine!

A long time ago, when computers still used floppy disks, there was a need to duplicate the contents of these floppies.

X-Copy was one of the most well known disk copying programs for the Commodore Amiga series of computers, with countless users all across the world.

The disk images on this site have been taken from the actual master disks, to preserve the legacy as authentically as possible.

I have also collected as many loose versions of X-Copy as possible, you can find them on the Releases page.

There were also many hacked versions of X-Copy in existence, modified by members of the Amiga community. As per the copyright owner's wishes, this site will focus only on the original releases.

The current copyright owner has graciously allowed the releases to be archived here, as long as they are not sold for any amount of money, or included in any collection/product that is sold for any amount of money. Please respect this license.

If you have versions of X-Copy that are not listed here, I'd love to add them to the collection. Please send them to