Let's modify some drives.

The trick to getting PC drives to work with the Amiga is twofold:

Get diskchange to pin 2 and ready to pin 34. Then jumper the drive as DS0.

[DIR]citizen-z1de57aCitizen Z1DE-57A, by Anssi Luukkonen
[DIR]citizen-z1de58aCitizen Z1DE-58A, by Anssi Luukkonen
[DIR]fd235hfa529/Teac FD235HF A529 and A700 (not verified by me)
[DIR]ju256a316p/Panasonic JU-256A316P, by littlebalup
[DIR]ju257-203p/Panasonic JU-257-203P, by Folkert van der Meulen
[DIR]ju257a606p/Panasonic JU-257A606P
[DIR]ju257a516p/Panasonic JU-257A516P (Escom drive) by Frak
[DIR]mitsumi-d359t5Mitsumi D359T5, by Anssi Luukkonen
[DIR]mpf420-1/Sony MPF420-1
[DIR]mpf520-e/Sony MPF520-E E/133
[DIR]mpf520-1/Sony MPF520-1 1/131
[DIR]mpf920-e/Sony MPF920-E E/131, by Lemming
[DIR]mpf920-ealt/Sony MPF920-E E/131 alternate PCB
[DIR]mpf920-ealt2/Sony MPF920-E E/131 alternate PCB, by Anssi Luukkonen
[DIR]mpf920-l/Sony MPF920-L L/AA1, by Tomse
[DIR]mpf920tb53/Sony MPF920 T/B53, by Anssi Luukkonen
[DIR]mpf920z161/Sony MPF920 Z/161, by Mario Germán Sinopoli
[DIR]nec-fd1231h01/NEC FD1231H 2001, by Anssi Luukkonen
[DIR]nec-fd1231h05/NEC FD1231H 2005, by Anssi Luukkonen
[DIR]nec-fd1231t/NEC FD1231T, by Anssi Luukkonen
[DIR]sfd321b-lcp3/Samsung SFD-321B /LCP3, by Lemming
[DIR]sfd321b-ke/Samsung SFD-321B /KE, by Folkert van der Meulen
[DIR]yd701b6031b/YE-Data YD-701B-6031B by Lord. C
[DIR]yd720d6037d/YE-Data YD-720D-6037D A
[DIR]fz357/Chinon FZ-357 to FZ-357A translated by a_petri
[DIR]computolioAmiga Drive Compatibility list mirror of an old site by Computolio
[DIR]teac/Generic TEAC FD-235F/HF
[   ]HW_HF_C929_C940_C991_Rev-A.pdfTeac FD-235HF-C929/C940/C991 specifications
[   ]Y-E_DATA_702D_Series.pdfYE-Data YD-702D-6037D and YD-702D-6639D-021051 specifications
[   ]SAMSUNG-SFD321B-070103.pdfOEM Manual Samsung SFD-321B
[   ]5.25-jumpers.pdfJumper settings for various drives
[   ]diskettes-jumpers.pdfJumper settings for various drives
[   ]40200A03.pdfJumper settings for various drives
[   ]necflopp.txtJumper settings for NEC drives